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Arteza Mini Wood Display Easel, 5″ – Pack of 40

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Arteza Tripod Easel, 12″ – Pack of 6

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Arteza Wood Desktop Easel with Storage Drawer and Palette


Easels are used by artists to hold a painting, either during work or as a display for the finished product. A good quality easel is helpful as it will allow a painter to support their canvas appropriately for the medium that they are using. In order to choose easel, the painter must decide what their needs are and then research what quality easel will be best for them. There are A-frame, H-frame, giant, convertible, single mast, display and French style easels. Different mediums will require upright easels or tilted easels.

An A-Frame easel is the most common and recognizable type of easel. Wooden A-frame easels are easy to store as they fold up, but they are not the sturdiest and are best suited for small and medium sized work.

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An H-frame easel is the sturdiest option and can be large, so they are best for serious artists with dedicated studio space.

A convertible easel allows an artist to work in multiple mediums as the angle can be adjusted.

A single-mast easel is a simple easel that is not as supportive as some of the other types but is perfect for budget conscious artists and beginners.

Portable easels can be folded up for easy transport. These are good for those who want to paint in nature or use it as a display. Portable easels generally cannot hold very heavy artwork as their lightweight frame will not be able to withstand the weight. For heavy canvas and large artwork, a giant easel or studio easel would be best. French easels are a type of portable easel, and tabletop easels and display easels could be easily transported as well.

Once an artist has been able to choose easel, they are ready to begin work. Although an easel is not completely necessary, it does provide some comfort for the artist and support for the artwork. Using an easel helps with the artist’s posture and allows them to stand back periodically to get a better view of their piece. It can help prevent paint spills and will protect the artwork from collecting dust.

Easel prices can range from very inexpensive (around $15-$20) to thousands of dollars. This will be a factor when an artist is ready to choose an easel. Fortunately, there are various quality easels that can be purchased at a reasonable price to accommodate every artist. No matter which type of easel suits the artist, they are an important piece of equipment that will enhance both the art and the creative experience.


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