Watercolor Pencils


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Arteza Professional Watercolor Pencils – Set of 72

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Arteza Watercolor Pencils – Set of 120

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Arteza Woodless Watercolor Pencils – Set of 24

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Watercolor Pencils

What if I told you that you could create beautiful watercolor art with pencils? Yes, watercolor pencils! They look like traditional colored pencils, but when you add water they transform your drawings into watercolor paintings. They come in a variety of sets and are easier to carry than watercolor paints. They are basically portable watercolor paints to use on-the-go.

These watercolor pencils make watercolor art a bit easier to master. You have more control of drawing with a pencil than a brush. These pencils are designed to be used with water, they are made with a water-soluble pigment that releases more color when it binds with the water. You’ll get intense vibrant colors just like using watercolor paints.

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How to use watercolor pencils:
Watercolor pencils are used like normal colored pencils. You can use them dry or with water. You are able to draw, sketch, and color on paper. But make sure to use a thicker paper that won’t tear or wrinkle when you add water. The watercolor paper would work great for holding the water without distorting your masterpiece. You will add water with a brush of your choice. A few drops will do the work. Then watch the magic happen right before your eyes.

What else will I need?
Not much, only your watercolor pencils, paper, a paintbrush (size of your choice, a bigger brush will hold more water, smaller brushes will allow you to add precise details), water, and your imagination. You may also want a sharpener to keep your pencils ready to use. You’d be ready to draw/paint at any time and anywhere you go.

Can you blend in colors?
Yes. You can blend colors just like colored pencils. Just use the colors you want to blend. Don’t mix the colors, just blend in lightly. Make sure not to use dark colors over light colors, they might work best side by side. You can make an outline to prevent colors from mixing together. You will use a paintbrush to blend the colors with water. Allow the painting to dry if you want to layer more colors. But don’t use too many colors or you’ll get an ugly brown color. You can test mixing colors on another sheet of paper.

Which ones are the best for me?
Watercolor pencils come in a variety of skill ranges. You can find from beginner sets to professional sets. You can buy a set of 12 pencils to start with or go for the 120 set if you feel you are ready to master the art of watercolor pencils. They also come in sets of 30 or 72. The bigger sets give you a wider tonal range. It’s up to you to choose the set you’d like to experiment with.

You’ll be amazed at how many techniques for using watercolor pencils you will discover once you begin your artistic journey. It is a unique way to create art. You will get to create art with both colored pencils and watercolor paints with one single medium. They are a great choice for convenience, control, and precise detailing. You will definitely enjoy how versatile they are in bringing out details in your paintings.

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